Missed Flight

Even if you missed your connecting flight, you have a claim against the airline.

You have similar rights to a delayed flight, if you have a continous booking with only one booking number and you miss the feeder flight in spite of the fact that the minimum connection time has been underrun.

You can claim compensation up to 600.00 Euros, being cared for with service such as beverages, food, free telephone calls and if required, overnight hotel accommodation. Also alternative transportation or ticket cost reimbursement, if you cannot use the offered transportation. These rights follow on condition that your departure airport lay within the EU, or that you flew into the EU on a European airline from a third state. Naturally, your booked flights really took place.

Should you really only have missed your flight, this will not be enough to claim compensation from the airline. Flight passengers however have a right of reimbursement of the payed personal taxes costs and all prepaid payments made to the airlines. This can of course be the larger part of the price paid, especially in the case of “cheap flights”.


Your Rights:

For delays of three hours and more:

  • 250.00 Euro for a missed short haul flight
  • 400.00 Euro for a missed medium haul flight
  • 600.00 Euro for a missed long haul flight

In the case of flights missed due to your own fault, the flight extra costs are reimbursed.

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