The airline must compensate as from 180 minutes waiting time due to delay.

If your arrival at your destination airport is more than three hours later than your original booking time, and the delay lies within the airline’s responsibility (the exception is force major e.g. weather, strike or airport closure) then you can claim the following compensation :

Up to 600.00 Euro for delays of 3 hours and over, depending on the flight distance to your final destination airport. Also, your departure airport must have been situated in the EU or you flew with an European airline from a third country into the EU. You are entitled to free of charge food and drink on the spot, free telephone calls or even free hotel accommodation.

Your Rights:

Delay of 180 minutes and more:

  •  250.00 Euro for short haul delay
  • 400.00 Euro for medium haul delay
  • 600.00 Euro for long haul delay

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