Should the airline deny boarding due to overbooking, then the same rules apply as for delay and cancellation.

Should delays occur of over 3 hours until a seat in the next plane is arranged, claims of between 250,00 and 600.00 Euro can be asserted and for delays of 5 hours and more the customer can regard the flight as annulled.  An annulled flight enable the claimants i.e. the flight passengers to the same distance staggered claims as for delays or cancellations. These are set at 250.00 to 600.00 Euro per passenger, with eventual hotel, transport replacement costs added on.

Take care to be at the airport and checked-in punctually, even if you hear of a delay of your flight before you arrive there.  Should the airline decide on short-notice replacement flight, you could lose your right to compensation.


Your Rights

By delays of three hours and more:
•     250.00 Euro for an overbooked short-haul flight
•     400.00 Euro for an overbooked medium-haul flight
•     600.00 Euro for an overbooked long-haul flight


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